How to increase Neobux earnings – Earning $50 per day with Neobux

There are a lot of members in neobux who are cashing out about $2 – $20 per week. That is the reason why I want to share my technique on how to earn more and more and even as big as you think out of a PTC site like Neobux.

Here are my tips on earning 50 dollars per day in Neobux.

  1. The first thing you have to do is to sign up for paypal. You will be using paypal to withdraw your cash from neobux and deposit to your bank account. I will be posting soon how to iron that paypal and bank stuff. But as of now, just sign up.
  2. After you have signed up, it is now time to have a NEOBUX account. Enter the required details.
  3. Once you have already an account, click the 4 ads available. That amounts 0.01 per ad. So the first day you have 0.04.
  4. Click the ads diligently until your earnings reach 0.75. This time, you have to rent 3 referrals. By renting referrals, you will earn more.
  5. Click everyday. Don’t miss a day clicking the ads. When your balance reach the amount wherein you are able to rent  referrals, rent right away.
  6. Don’t cash out for the first month. You should also invest patience in joining neobux. Don’t worry, it will pay off as the second month arrives.
  7. Hit the target amount of rented referrals. You should have at least 500 rented referrals. Once you already have 500 referrals, you can earn 6-8 dollars per day.
  8. Save your daily earning, wait until your earning amounts to 90 dollars. Upgrade right away as soon as you have 90 dollars. Upgrading your account allows you to earn more.
  9. Once you have upgraded, rent more and more referrals up to 2000 rented referrals.
  10. Relax. You are earning a lot by this time.

These are my tactics in earning 50 dollars per day in Neobux. I am hoping you could earn same or bigger amount as soon as possible.


This technique was just effective for the first couple of months. After about some cash-outs, I noticed Neobux was killing my income softly. Of course they won’t deactivate the rented referrals directly but I noticed most of the rented referrals don’t click.

I ended up loosing quite small amount of money. Although it is not that big, I already see the pattern of loosing money if you depend on rented referrals.


I was planning to go back to Neobux but when I had the time thinking this over and over again, I realized its better to focus on blogging than click Neobux. With these PTC sites, you will be earning few bucks for quite a long time. Not unless you invest money renting referrals.

However, for those who really want to start earning asap, PTC is already a good start since blogging needs longer time before seeing tons of  dollars rolling to your bank account.

Although you are not soliciting my advice, please let me tell you the following points.

  • Don’t you ever invest in PTC sites. You will end up loosing your money.
  • Instead of investing, renting referrals, try to refer real people. They will surely click unlike the already-programmed rented refs.
  • Don’t just focus your time with PTC. I suggest, starting your own blog while clicking neobux is a good way. You will see after a couple of months the BIG difference between PTC and Blogging income.

Hope you got something from this post. Please leave your comments below.

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  2. Mark says

    Oh Ashley, your blog is currently offline.

    Bruno, I am not sure if you are talking Ashley’s blog or mine. But I suppose you are talking about Ashley’s because you replied to her comment. :)

  3. ptcgoer says

    maybe you didnt manage your rented referrals well? theres an option to renew/recycle the ones that dont click, its all about managing referrals that make profit for you

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